Child Custody Attorney for Uncontested, No-Fault Divorce

Divorce is a separate legal process than child custody. Our singular, dedicated focus to helping our clients achieve uncontested, no-fault divorce means that we do not represent clients in custody battles, in family court matters regarding child custody, or trying to get out of child support in Pennsylvania. We can handle your divorce if you and your spouse have children and have already determined a custody agreement. Many couples who are living separately already have a custody agreement in place. If this is true of your family, a divorce will not change that legal agreement. In Pennsylvania, a simple, uncontested divorce will only dissolve your marriage.

Enlist Our Firm to Prepare Your Custody Agreement

The No Contest Divorce, LLC does not represent clients in custody battles, but we can prepare a custody agreement if you and your spouse have decided the best situation for your children once your divorce is finalized. Our offices can prepare settlement agreements for you and your spouse, whether you need to divide property or debt, or simply need to adjust child support payments. There is no additional cost for preparing more than one settlement agreement.

If your family is seeking a fast and affordable uncontested, no fault-divorce, our firm can help. Our internet-based services enable you to save money and file your online divorce with our law firm today. This is not a computer program or self-filing kit; you will receive the legal services of our knowledgeable and friendly staff. A lawyer checks every form our clients submit to make sure everything is completed properly and you will receive regular updates on the status of their divorce.

There is no reason to pay premium prices for the representation of a conventional law firm. We believe that everyone deserves a high-quality divorce without hidden charges or outrageous fees. We are experienced in family law and no-fault divorces, and will prepare a professional custody agreement according to your specifications and assist you with each step of your divorce. We process your divorce complaint within one day of completing The Divorce Master, not weeks, so you and your family can begin your new lives faster.

You need a law firm that is committed to providing clients with excellent, prompt, and affordable divorce services. Call our offices today for a free initial legal consultation with a Pennsylvania family lawyer.